Wellness Assistant Subscription

1 month (30 days) subscription. No automatic renovation.

  • Your personalised wellness program created by a professional wellness coach
  • Videos, books, articles and podcasts sent to you twice a day 
  • Daily reminders sent via WhatsApp (or other messenger)
  • Weekly 15 min chat with a wellness coach via WhatsApp (or other messenger) to ask any questions related to your program and modify it if necessary
  • Support 24/7
  • In 24 hrs after the payment we will send you a questionnaire on which base we will create your wellness program 
  • One of our wellness coaches will analyse it and will gather the necessary material for you to follow up
  • You will start to receive your wellness assistance within 24 hrs after the program will be created
  • We will ask you to provide your estimate schedule and your current time zone so we can set the right timing for notifications
  • The multimedia materials of your program will be sent to you via messenger, email, or any other convenient option that you will mark
  • The weekly chats with a wellness coach will be scheduled with a respect of your time zone
  • You can contact us any time you have a question
  • It is a one time payment without automatic renovation

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