About Wellness Hub

Wellness Hub is a free online portal where you will find information about different aspects of wellness. Amongst them videos, books, articles, podcasts, music lists and related products. All the information is divided to different categories that correlate with a problem that can be solved through the materials that are featured in that particular topic. The uniqueness of this project is that all the information that you will see has been chosen by a professional wellness coach. It is picked and sorted out by hand by one of the wellness specialists! The criteria of choice are the effectiveness and proven positive results of the particular exercise or technique.

Wellness Assistant is another part of Wellness Hub. It’s a service that will allow you to achieve better results through the online work with a live wellness coach.

Because we want to make the world a better place! And we believe that it is possible only through having each and every person on the planet more happy and healthy. Also please notice, we present you materials that are created by other authors and instructors, so you can support them directly anytime you consider is appropriate, by buying their book, making a donation or supporting their marketing campaign.

Your wellness os your life, your success, your future and the ultimate happiness of you and your loved ones. You can’t be happy without good health, without feeling confident and joyful in your body. The same as you can’t be happy carrying past traumas, lacking of love and not being able to find a meaning in you day to day life. So taking care of yourself, spending some time during the day on your own health and development is the most important thing that you can contribute to your life. You are very important to this world and the most important things in life must be taken care of! 

Of course, yes! You don’t need to be a yoga enthusiast or a fitness junky to take care of your wellbeing! There is no certain practice that is prescribed or promoted here. the best part you can try them all in the comfort of our home and choose what you like better!

About Wellness Assistant

Wellness Assistant is a service that is created by our team of wellness coaches in order to help you to find your way to happy and healthy life. It includes a personalised program that is developed on a base of an extensive questionnaire, daily scheduled multimedia materials to follow, daily alerts sent in order to remind you to do your wellness routine, weekly live chat with one of our wellness coaches and support 24/7 to resolve any doubts and answer related to the service.

Absolutely for everyone! No matter your age, gender, social background, nationality, previous experience and other irrelevant distinguishments, if you are looking for ways to contribute to your own wellbeing or wellbeing to your loved ones – this amazing online tool is for you!

  • In 24 hrs after the payment we will send you a questionnaire on which base we will create your wellness program 
  • One of our wellness coaches will analyse it and will gather the necessary material for you to follow up
  • You will start to receive your wellness assistance within 24 hrs after the program will be created
  • We will ask you to provide your estimate schedule and your current time zone so we can set the right timing for notifications
  • The multimedia materials of your program will be sent to you via messenger, email, or any other convenient option that you will mark
  • The weekly chats with a wellness coach will be scheduled with a respect of your time zone
  • You can contact us any time you have a question
  • It is a one time payment without automatic renovation

One of our major goals while creating this project was to make it available to a vast demographic of people. So we made it very affordable – only 49 USD per month! 

Please note, the prives in EUR, GBP and other currencies are calculated based on the exchange rate.

All wellness coaches working at Wellness Hub are certified professionals with years of experience in the field. We have a multinational and multilingual team that is growing together with Wellness Hub!

One particular coach will be assigned to you upon subscribing to Wellness Assistant so more detailed information about him/her will be provided in the welcoming letter that he/she will send to you.

If you are booking a private session with a coach, we will sign you a coach based on your language preferences and the topic that you want to cover. So that you can be sure that your wellness necessities will be met by a professional that the most experience in the area of your interest.


We offer different payment methods so you can choose which one is more convenient for you. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Paypal credit card and direct bank transfer. 

All transactions are safe and done through  the systems of PayPal and Stripe. 

No. We believe in the consistency of the work and that only after a month you can see a real effect of the activities included in your program. Besides we will make our job creating it for you.

Anyways if you don’t want to continue using the service, there is nothing to be worried about! The subscription doesn’t have automatic renovation and you won’t be charged without your decision!