while the real world goes digital

The latest obsession of human kind with different sorts of metaverses and other digital product is frightening. We are destined to live in our physical body and its health can be achieved only in physical world. We are putting our effort to contribute into spreading this message. 


that wellbeing should be available for everyone

Very often it might seem that “wellness” is applicable only for people with a certain lifestyle and that you have to be “into” the “movement”. We truly believe that wellness is a right of each and everyone given us by nature and it doesn’t have to be expensive or exclusive.


is to create a positive change

We are aware of the problems that faces our planet and we assume the compromise. Plastic pollution, inequality in the access to resources, exploitation of the soil, and unfortunately many more. We believe that the true change can happen only if each and every of us will develop their true inner potential . That’s why our goal is to provide the tools for personal development and awakening of the true nature of consciousness.


is based on the knowledge of hundreds of coaches

Spiritual gurus, fitness instructors, yoga professors, life & mindset consultants, holistic health advisors, nutrition experts,..and so many more. We believe that in modern times of information, the collective knowledge is already recorded, exposed and very often even is available in open sources ( like YouTube, for example). But this ocean of information lacks guidelines and systematisation and, in contrary, is full of persistent marketing and strategies to capture a potential sale. That’s why we choose not to play a role of an informational middleman. Through our experience and expertise we guide our audience whilst directing it to the source. 


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